The Borough of Slatington is served by the Northern Lehigh School District, which has two elementary schools under its supervision. First, Peters Elementary school caters students from kindergarten through second grade. Second, Slatington Elementary caters grades 3-6. Meanwhile, there is one only middle school and one high school. Middle school educates grades 7-8 while high school educates 9-12.

The district is actually located in Lehigh County. Only a small portion is found in Northampton County, also in the state of Pennsylvania. The Northern Lehigh School District serves the boroughs of Walnutport and Slatington, together with Washington Township. The official school mascot is a bulldog, manifesting the nickname of its players, the Bulldogs.


Schools under the Northern Lehigh School District

1. Northern Lehigh High School – Located in Slatington, students from grades 9 to 12 attend this school. The current school principal is Robert Vlasity and the assistant principal is Scott Pyne.

2. Northern Lehigh Middle School – Also located in Slatington, PA, the Northern Lehigh Middle School caters to students from grades 7 and 8. The school principal is Jill Chamberlain.

3. Peters Elementary School – This school is actually the only K-2 Elementary School in the entire district. It is situated near the village of Friedens in Washington Township. The principal is Paul D. Rearden, Jr.

4. Slatington Elementary School – Slatington Elementary School is the only one that admits students from grades 3-6 in the entire Northern Lehigh School District. The same school building houses the district warehouse and majority of the administrative offices.


Furthermore, Slatington Elementary School underwent renovations in the summer of 2010. The construction eventually was completed in the latter part of 2011. The changes brought about by the renovation included the adding of new classrooms, new computer laboratories, playground, and the changing of the building’s general setup – from open to a closed concept with individual classrooms.

Slatington Schools Timeline

Here’s a look at the development of Slatington, PA schools throughout the town’s history:

– In 1820, the first school in town was established in Old Stone Mill, specifically in Lower Slatington.
– By 1857 to 1867, more schools were built, including that of Welsh Church, Slatington Presbyterian, West Church Street, etc.
– The construction of the new Franklin School House in nearby Washington Township started in 1905.
– A year later, Roosevelt Elementary School in Walnut Street, Slatington was built.
– By 1911, another school called the Slatedale Elementary School was built in Washington Township.
– In 1916, New High School located in Second and Main Street in the town of Slatington was built.

And on July 1, 1966, the Blue Valley Union School District and the Washington Township School District agreed to merge, eventually paving the way for the establishment of the Northern Lehigh School District. Today, this district is composed of the Boroughs of Slatington, Walnutport, and the Township of Washington.