One of the highly anticipated events/festivals in Slatington is the Gathering. So if you are looking at visiting this borough in Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley region, you should consider staying for a while and witness the fun of this festival.

It is actually an annual community festival organized by the Northern Lehigh Historical Society. It is traditionally held on the first Saturday of every October. It has been practiced and celebrated by the entire community every single year because it provides value to the people in the form of fun, celebration, food, and prizes.

The main feature or the center of the activity is situated along the Slate Heritage Trail at the Trout Run Covered Bridge, or specifically at the 7th Street in Slatington, PA.

There are several famous area food vendors as well as local-area craftsmen found by the Covered Bridge. This is also the area where the Northern Historical Society Information Tent is located. Aside from information, you can also purchase T-shirts and sweatshirts, both for the young and old.

Likewise, there’s a permanent stage that’s built from more than a ton of boulders coming from the General Morgan Bridge. The stage was built to accommodate and host Live Music and other related forms of entertainment.

At the Trout Run Covered Bridge meanwhile, you’ll find another bunch of interesting things, including a basket of goodies donated by many local businesses as well as community members in Slatington, Pennsylvania. After you’ve crossed the bridge, you will see The Biergarten. This area boasts a newly constructed pavilion and the place offers a wide range of beverages on tap, including food, frozen drinks, and entertainment.

This annual even will then close the evening out with an amazing fireworks display. It is something that has always been a part of the tradition, handing out excitement to kids and young ones. Right after the fireworks display, you can go back to Biergarten and resume on The Gathering celebration, highlighted by live music and a warm and cozy bonfire.

The Northern Lehigh Historical Society

The Gathering wouldn’t come into fruition every year without the Northern Lehigh Historical Society. It is a non-profit organization made up of dedicated members of the entire community. This society is the brainchild of events like the Gathering. The proceeds of the festival are intended for the construction and maintenance of the Slate Heritage Trail, Bed Bug Cave Gardens, and other attractions in the Trail.