There’s a sumptuous experience waiting for you in Saylorsburg Pennsylvania. If you happen to be visiting this town, don’t forget to spend time in the Lakeside Restaurant. Located at 5154 Hamilton South, it is definitely the most unforgettable dining experience you’ll have in a long time. It is a great place to be with friends, coworkers, family, and for couples who are simply hoping to have their stomach cravings satisfied.

Delicious Food with Live Entertainment

It’s been practice wherever you go; delicious food will always be paired with great entertainment. But the Lakeside Restaurant takes it to the next level with their live entertainment for your satisfaction. Hence, you visit the place not just to eat but also get to relax with the live music.

The Owners

The restaurant is owned by Henry Callie and Anthony Torcivia, both of whom are lifetime servants of Saylorsburg. Being a locally-owned establishment, the place is certainly something that every tourist or visitor will hear about as soon as they step inside the bounds of Saylorsburg. The restaurant is at its finest by bringing out the best cuisine and service in the entire Lehigh Valley area. They have the finest combination of food and drinks with the accompaniment of live entertainment. Every single part of the menu is done by seasoned and experienced chefs, remarkable bartenders, and a wait staff that’ll befriend you. Well, it is understandable that after you spend time in this restaurant, you’ll have the impression that it is in fact the best in this part of the state of Pennsylvania.

The Town’s Best Chef

Great food wouldn’t be possible without the hands of a masterful chef. Your plate is graced by the cooking talents of Anthony Torcivia. Anthony is actually like a homecoming king. A local of Saylorsburg, he spent most of his time in the big city of Philadelphia before deciding to finally settle in town and become part of its tourist attraction. And yes, his thirty years of experience in the food industry made him one of the best reasons why people flock to the Lakeside Restaurant. He previously worked as a chef in various restaurants before becoming a hospitality manager for a while.

Now if you want the perfect place to bring your family or maybe a treat for a group of friends, you must consider the Lakeside Restaurant. It is the best place with reference to accommodation, relaxation, fun, and of course, good food. When you’re visiting Saylorsburg or the surrounding areas, don’t forget to drop by.