For the past two decades, the Pocono Mountains in the state of Pennsylvania have become one of the most travelled destinations for wine enthusiasts. One of the biggest reasons for this sudden influx of tourists is the presence of unique and original tasting wines and their corresponding experiences.

Of the many destinations featuring wines in the Poconos, there’s one that you shouldn’t miss out on – The Blue Ridge Estate Winery & Vineyards. This local business is located at 239 Blue Ridge Road, Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. The owners of this wonderful establishment invite everyone to come and have a taste of the finest in the Pocono Mountains.

Ideally located in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, Blue Ridge offers an amazing 360-degree view of the vineyards, mountains, and the popular Christmas tree farm. There’s also a tasting room that sits among the sprawling vineyards. The strategic location of this local business in Saylorsburg, PA hands out the best possible environment for growing grapes and then using them to produce elegant and unique wines with a load of character.

Humble Beginnings

The owners of the Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard and Winery took inspiration in 2010 during a trip to the west coast. That is where they were captured and inspired by the amazing beauty of sprawling vineyards and the equally remarkable wineries. With that in mind, they envisioned and planned to create a rather informal experience where they get to experiment on small batch wines. Today, that dream of experiencing how to produce wines and build their own vineyard has literally come into fruition.

Business Amenities

This local vineyard is unique and special because it sits on top of a hill overlooking the Pocono Mountains. There is about three thousand square feet of wine tasting facility, which by the way is state of the art and sophisticated.
Furthermore, they also have a full wrap around deck where visitors can take in the entirety of the vineyards and the Pocono Mountains in general. Wine tasting will be at its finest at the 36’ wine bar. There’s also a gift shop with lots of chairs and tables for you and your family or friends to relax. For the summer season, they have an 8-acre trail surrounding the vineyards.

Finally, they host events from corporate meetings and outings, wedding events, anniversaries, family gatherings, and others. There are also tons of fun events during the weekend, including live music, barrel tastings, wine and cheese on the deck, and many more.