Outdoor Living Spaces

Let R.F. Ohl build your ultimate outdoor living space today!

Do you like cooking/entertaining outdoor? Or maybe you prefer to sit by a cozy fire-pit or fireplace with friends and family. Create the outdoor living space of your dreams with the help of R.F. Ohl and PSA Turf & Irrigation, Inc. We work together to provide full open air living spaces.

PSA will provide you with an estimate on the hardscape portion of your project. We make your dream come true by completing your living space with furniture, fireplaces, fire-pits, cooking, and refrigeration products. Let our Comfort Specialist build the outdoor kitchen or living space you always dreamed of having!

Remember, you don’t need a lot of space for an outdoor kitchen or living area — you just need your space to be functional.

Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor fire-pit
Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Fireplace