All Northampton public schools are under the Northampton Area School District, a public school district in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Located at the heart of the Lehigh Valley region of the state, the district covers almost a hundred square miles, thereby covering various boroughs such as Bath, Chapman, and of course Northampton. It also covers several townships such as Allen, Lehigh, East Allen, and Moore.


Located about 10 miles from the major cities of Allentown and Bethlehem and 70 miles from Philadelphia, Northampton Area School District has a population of 38,000. One of the perks is convenient access to the state’s major roadways like the Interstate 78, Northeast Extension, Route 145, Route 22, Route 248, and Route 329.

District Profile

The district is characterized as a tight-knit community with a lot of tradition. For instance, its home, the Borough of Northampton was the location of The Atlas Portland Cement Company, a major cement manufacturer. As a testament to that, the school district mascot aptly named as “Konkret Kid” is attributed to the famous cement industry in the area decades ago. For a significantly large district, there are exactly 5,800 students belonging to four different elementary schools, one high school, and one middle school.

Elementary Schools

The Northampton Area School District currently manages five different elementary school buildings belonging to four elementary schools. There are two sister elementary schools located in the borough of Northampton, namely Franklin Elementary and Siegfried Elementary. For the north and east of Northampton, the elementary schools that serve the population are Lehigh Elementary in Walnutport, George Wolf Elementary located in Bath, and Moore Elementary in Bath. All of them serve students from Kindergarten up to sixth grade.

Furthermore, the elementary school curriculum focuses on the students’ development of basic skills, forwarding to higher level thinking skills. Meanwhile, the K-6 schools offer full-day kindergarten, language arts, library, mathematics, social studies, computer, science, physical education, fine arts, IST, chorus, band, and for gifted/special education. The latest enrollment is 2,900.

Middle School

The primary middle school is called the Northampton Area Middle School, which is located in the Borough of Northampton. The latest enrollment record is 800 students for 7th and 8th grades. The curriculum used in Middle School utilizes team teaching techniques in order to provide maximum interaction between the teachers and students. Likewise, the use of interdisciplinary units allows the integration of core subjects and they’re linked to related arts. The Middle School includes programs and activities like art, English, reading, math, social studies, computer interaction, music, family and consumer science, exploratory languages, industrial art, physical education, band, science, chorus, athletics, and clubs like newspaper and yearbook.

High School Profile

Lastly, the Northampton Area High School is also located in the Borough of Northampton. It serves the 9th to the 12th grades and is home to 1,800 students. Meanwhile, the average graduating class is listed at 430 students every year. The High School is currently offering programs of studies in different areas like Advanced Placement, College Preparatory, Honors, Applied Academics, and the Vocational and Technical Studies in partnership with the Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School. There are also co-curricular activities that round out academics and the list includes Band, Chorus, Drama, Athletics, Peer Helpers, Student Council, and Scholastic Scrimmage.