Tri-Boro Sportsmen is a non-profit organization based in Northampton, PA. It is run by a tight-knit group of individuals with the same purpose and dedication of preserving history as well as conserving the natural environment in the Lehigh River. For over 40 years, this organization has been based in Northampton and it has provided everyone the taste of the Poconos in the heart of the Lehigh Valley.

Members of this organization get access to three bodies of water intended for fishing, rifle, pistol, and plinking range for target practice, and even an archery range. The area also offers boat launches to the quarry and down to the Lehigh River. There are currently fifty campsites intended for motor homes and trailers, which by the way are located on the grounds and the surrounding tent campsites. But mind you, Tri-Boro is not just a “members only” organization. There is much to love about it and we’ll soon find out…

Restaurant and Bar

Tri-Boro Sportsmen in Northampton, PA actually has a restaurant and bar which is conveniently located on the second level. There’s even a newly added brand new smoking room. Various TV’s are tuned in to different local sports programs and games. From Wednesday up to Sunday, pub foods and drinks are served, including products from all major breweries and micro-brewed draft and bottle beers.

Hall Rental

There’s also a function available for rental. Keep in mind that parties are not really required to hire Tri-Boro for the catering services. The flat rates are intended for the room and grounds to be used. The fees will also include the setup, clean-up, and the use of plastic table cloths. The rental fee is currently sitting at $250 and the entire hall is able to accommodate around 180 people.

Archery and Gun Ranges

Another feature of Tri-Boro is the archery and gun ranges. There are actually 3 archery bails to mount targets. There is also a tree stand which can be used for target practice. The management reminds everyone that any targets must be removed while using the range.

The rifle range has backstops at 100 and 50 yards. The pistol range on the other hand can be used as far as 50 yards, while the plinking range is up to 25 yards. The plinking range is different because it has metal targets. It means there is no more need to be bringing in objects to shoot.

Boating and Fishing

Finally, there’s a quarry situated within Tri-Boro’s property. It is a quarter mile long and has a depth of up to 95 feet on its northern end. This place happens to be abundant with trout, small mouth bass, sunfish, perch, and crappy. The group uses it for providing boating and fishing fun for its members.

Where Profit Goes

You might be wondering how come a non-profit organization earns profit? Yes, Tri-Boro is earning money through its different services offered to members and non-members. But what you have to know is that all profits are actually spent on the preservation of the land as well as the history behind it.