Lehighton is a borough located in Carbon County, in the state of Pennsylvania. Geographically, it is about 86 miles or 138 kilometers north by west of the main city of Philadelphia. The borough was once renowned for its early industries, thanks to the advantage of water power courtesy of the nearby Lehigh River. With the presence of a repair facility and various regional operations, the Lehigh Valley Railroad became the major source of jobs for thousands of residents in Lehighton, PA and nearby areas. But because of the railroad and industry restructuring after World War II, many people lost their jobs and the industry in its entirety disappeared.

The borough is still the most populous in the entire Carbon County. It is likewise considered as its business hub. Part of the reason why it remains to be a business center is its ideal geographical location. It is located in northeast Pennsylvania, 26 miles north/northwest of Allentown and 45 miles south of Scranton/Wilkes-Barre or the Wyoming Valley. The borough’s elevation is not uniformed. There are areas that reach 470 feet, specifically on Routes 443 and 209, while other areas go as high as 725 feet, particularly in the northwest part of the town, near the border shared with Mahoning Township.

Based on data provided by the United States Census Bureau, Lehighton, Pennsylvania has a total area of 1.8 square miles. 1.7 square miles is land while the rest, which is 0.04 square miles is water. The borough is located about 3 miles south of Jim Thorpe and about 8 miles northwest of another town, Palmerton. The borough’s mean elevation is at 650 feet. However, the elevation in general varies. For instance, some places are 470 feet while others reach up to 800 feet.

Lehighton is characterized mainly by being hilly and green. The beautiful Appalachian Mountains surround the town as well as its outlying communities. One of the most famous attractions in the Lehigh Valley region, the Appalachian Trail, offers tourists extensive hiking experience in the East Coast. It is located near the borough and reaching there is convenient if you are from town. Lehighton is bordered by Mahoning Township in the south, west, and north. Likewise, it is bordered on the east across the Lehigh River by Franklin Township and Weissport.

Climate Profile

For the winter season, the amount of snowfall varies. For instance, there are some seasons when snow is moderate while others will bring in more significant snowstorms. The average snowfall each year is 50.4 inches, which by the way is substantially higher compared to other areas in the U.S. Rainfall on the other hand is evenly spread throughout the entire year. About twelve days are considered as wet days every month. Traditionally, summer lasts from the latter part of May until September. The good news is that humidity is only high for a couple of days at a time. The autumn season is quite short, specifically two to three weeks only. The peak of the autumn foliage is early to mid October.