If it’s your turn to visit this remarkable place in the Lehigh Valley, you’d be totally amazed at how much fun you can get. Let’s go through your options one by one…

whitewater1. Pocono Whitewater Rafting – Looking for a thrill? You can visit nearby Jim Thorpe, particularly at 1519 State Route 903 and try out the Pocono Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River. Don’t worry because the water on the river is always shallow for the most part of the year. Expect to spend around $30 for the rate in April to October.

2. Blue Mountain Ski Area – Another attraction near Lehighton, PA is the Blue Mountain Ski Area in Palmerton. It is quite near actually, just about fifteen minutes. The events you certainly would want to try are skiing and snow tubing. Of course, these are available during winter.

3. Hiking – Hiking is a popular local event in the entire Lehigh Valley. The main reason for its popularity is the Appalachian Trail running within fifteen miles of Lehighton. Likewise, the Switchback Railroad is another popular trail. Other interesting options for hiking events are the Lehigh Gorge State Park, Glen Onoko, and the Rockport and White Haven on the northern side.

4. Bowling – Want to keep the fun events indoor this time? Why not try bowling at the Fritz’s or maybe Cypress Lanes, which are both located in the heart of the town.

5. Biking – There are also various areas in town that are ideal for biking with friends. You can start with the Lehigh Canal towpath, which connects Weissport near Lehighton and Jim Thorpe. You will be treated with a scenic ride of about three miles. Another option is within town, specifically in Lehigh Gorge State Park.

6. Fishing – How about fishing? Well, there are some places that come to mind when you’re in Lehighton Pennsylvania. For one, you should try Beltzville Lake if you’re craving for bass or muskellunge. Trout is also abundant in mostly all streams around town, and this includes the Mahoning Creek located on the south side of Lehighton. Other feasible options are the Lehigh River, which is also near Lehighton, Glen Onoko, Pohocopo Creek, and the Lehigh Canal.

7. Child-themed Event Parks – Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom are the options that make the most sense if you’re looking for fun events in Lehighton for kids and teens. The large park is popular for its different rides, but the most popular are the roller coasters. Other features are the water park with slides and wave pool. There are also special events during Halloween. And don’t worry about getting there since the park is just thirty minutes from Lehighton if you’re travelling on your private vehicle.

8. Bike Night – Finally, you will surely be interested in Bike Night. It’s an event in Lehighton that attracts thousands of visitors every year, particularly in the month of August. This one-day motorcycle festival is traditionally held at the Borough Park, North and South Streets between the 1st and 3rd streets.

You see, fun and recreation is by no means lacking in this town. Just choose from the many different events Lehighton has in store for you.