For the residents of Kunkletown and nearby towns and cities, the reopening of a popular local eatery, the Kunkletown Pub at Buckwha Inne is nothing but good news. Thanks to the chairmn of the Eldredd Township board of supervisors, this old family restaurant is again open to the public, retaining its wonderful menu of homemade specialties and favorites. In the process, the restaurant is famous because of its highlight of showcasing the history of the village of Kunkletown.

The reopening of this legendary eatery in Kunkletown PA wouldn’t be possible without the leadership of Gretchen Gannon Pettit, who was the one who took over the leadership of the board last January. The local restaurant which is now called Kunkletown Pub at Buckwha Inne has the new objective of bringing forth a rather wholesome, healthy, and fresh family atmosphere, serving the residents, locals, and visitors of the community and nearby places. According to Pettit, the idea of reopening this already popular restaurant was to give the people a cool place to relax and enjoy good food. Obviously, smoking is prohibited as well as other types of vice.

The Menu

The menu is as wholesome as it can be. Just like the previous menu that old customers came to like, there are hamburgers, fries, chicken francaise, and all sorts of healthy drinks. Pettit herself works as the local dining chef and old and loyal customers will be treated with the traditional homemade specialties.

A Bit of History

The building where this local restaurant is now standing has some good history behind it. Built in 1838, it housed several establishments before the restaurant eventually settled in. Most recently, it was the home of Jupiter Tavern. However, it is best known to many old residents in the village as the original American Hotel.

Based on the information provided by the Historical Society of Eldred Township, the building actually has a substantial role in the history of the village, which means that it is their priority to preserve its existence as a historical symbol. So with the reopening of the restaurant in the building, there is some hope of giving it some fresh start, some sort of a new lease on its old life.

According to the owner, she has been targeting the property in Kunkletown Pennsylvania for a decade. So when it was finally listed on the sale of property at the sheriff’s office during the building’s foreclosure, she grabbed the opportunity to acquire it. And now the restaurant is quickly gaining back its loyal and avid customers. It opens starting at noon up to nine o’clock in the evening, from Tuesday to Sunday.