Your home’s heating and cooling needs certainly make up majority of your annual budget. During the winter months, you have no choice but use as much energy in order to keep the home warm and comfortable. During the summer, you need your air conditioning system to cool you down amidst the scorching summer heat. And while you get to enjoy the benefits of your heating and cooling system, the thing is you’re most likely spending too much because of them.

You need to understand that there are actually several ways to cut down on energy costs and make next year’s budget a bit more flexible. Here are some facts you should know about heating and cooling so that you get to learn how to manage your budget later on:

1. The choice of HVAC equipment is crucial in determining the level of comfort you get at home and your utility bills. This is because not all HVAC equipment is created equal. Some will consume more energy compared to others.

2. Know that heating and cooling alone covers almost half of the total energy bill every month. Now if you have an air conditioner that’s more than a decade old, you need to replace it with a new and ENERGY STAR certified equipment that has the ability to cut your cooling expenses by up to 35%.

3. There are heat pumps built by HVAC companies that qualify for the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program. This variety comes with a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio and heating seasonal performance factor when compared to old and standard models. So if you want to get rid of those excessive energy bills on an annual basis, you will want to decide on getting a more efficient heat pump.

4. There are also natural gas furnaces that are qualified for rebates, specifically those with an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of at least 92%. With that number, these furnaces provide about 15% more energy efficiency compared to standard models. If your gas furnace is more than two decades old, it means it is not an efficient one. Talk to local HVAC companies to know more about having a new system for your home.

The Right Time to Replace Your System

There are two tangible signs that your system is already in need of replacement. The first one is when you are already doing too frequent repairs. It is a clear sign that it is no longer practical to keep using the equipment while you pay a lot of money for constant repairs. The second one is when your energy bills are always increasing. This scenario suggests that no matter how frequent you do the maintenance and inspections, the equipment still uses more energy than you expect it to. Therefore, it needs to be replaced.

In the end, the commitment to proper and regular maintenance of your system allows you to go a long way in terms of budget management. Aside from the fact that you prevent future problems with your system, you also get to save money by using an efficient heating and cooling equipment.