Most visitors in Jim Thorpe don’t expect to see a lot of shopping in this town. The thing is the moment you step on Broadway and get your hands on the door of the first shop you’ll officially get into the shopping groove and then realize there is more than what meets the eye. The distinctiveness of a Jim Thorpe PA shopping experience is highlighted by the friendly and calm atmosphere. It’s not the same thing you experience in rush hour shopping malls in the bigger towns and cities.

broadwayThere are more than thirty unique and one-of-a-kind shops offering all sorts of products and goods, including clothing, jewelry, sporting goods, gifts, homemade foodstuff, antiques, general merchandise, and imported items. If you are looking for anything unique, this is the place to go. Even the general merchandise is offered with the finest quality and you surely will be amazed at the affordable and practical options. As a matter of fact, the remarkably low prices are the main reason why visitors and residents alike keep flocking this small town. And since the shops are located very close together, you can conveniently visit them in one day without missing anything.

Start Shopping!

You can start by finding the traffic light along Josiah White Park and then stroll up until you reach Broadway, and then crossing back and forth across the street to see every single shop you pass by. By crossing at the traffic light, you’ll have your first shop. But that’s only the beginning of this shopping adventure. At 7 Hazard Square, you can actually rent bikes at Pocono Biking. The bike rentals come with safety equipment as well as tee shirts.
The next shop is at the south side of the Broadway right after you cross the light. At 5 Broadway or specifically Nature’s Trail, there’s a wide range of musical clocks, ornaments, and collectible figurines to choose from. Now if you’re thinking of personalized Christmas ornaments, the owner, Anne Marie will be more than willing to provide assistance. On the other hand, Mauch Chunk 5 & 10 at 9 Broadway offers practically everything, from toys, treats, and clothing.

At Gem Shop, you can find a large collection of attractive necklaces, earrings, clothing, and elegant watches. The owner, Liz, offers her guidance all throughout your shopping. The shop also has wonderful wraps or shawls. At Flights of Fancy, they specialize in selling carved items made out of wood from places like Thailand, Bali, and Mexico. The highlight is the awkward and unusual statues. For women’s wear, you go to Wear It Again. It’s actually a consignment shop mostly for women, but there is also some stuff for kids, young adults, and men. They have a unique basement display.

Other notable shops in town are as equally interesting as those we already mentioned. You have Mulligan’s Toys offering classic and old style toys, Treasure Shop selling general gifts with Irish imports, perfume, and wool caps, Rainbow’s End offering candy and ice cream while you shop, and many more.