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How To Verify If Your Air Conditioner Uses R-22

r22 refrigerantMany air conditioning systems are in danger of becoming obsolete by next year, and yours may be one of them. That is due to the ban on the R22 refrigerant which will take place by 2020. Owners of affected cooling units will have to pay an enormous sum for a recharge this year. By next year, they will no longer be able to get the product no matter how much money they have. We have prepared this article to provide more information on the R2 phase-out and equipment verification.

Keeping an obsolete air conditioner is not ideal whether in a residential or commercial setting. Aging units tend to consume more energy as they get older. They are also expensive to repair while providing poor performance.

You should also be mindful of the fact that these aging AC systems with R-22 are incredibly costly to repair nowadays. The situation will only get worse next year as repairs will become impossible. Owners will have to deal with coolant leaks cautiously. There are two choices: to repair the system or to replace it.

The government phase-out has affected the supply and demand of this refrigerant. R22 is now selling at a much higher rate than before. Getting a recharge will set you back around 50% of the price of a newly installed air conditioner. If you would like to spend your money wisely, then an air conditioner replacement is the better option.

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Steps To Take In Solving Your Cooling Issues

Since R22 will soon be banned, the first step is to determine whether your cooling system uses this refrigerant or not. Look up the manufacturing date. Anything made from 2010 onwards will be using R-410a which is an eco-friendly refrigerant. It is widely available so repair options will be affordable. If your air conditioning unit was made before that year, then there is a high probability that it uses R22. Make your decision after you have figured out exactly what’s inside the cooling system.

There will be cases where a properly maintained air conditioner will continue to work well despite its age. While it may be able to run for a few more years, its service life is nearing the end. An R22 recharge will also be impossible in the future. Keep in mind that its days are limited and begin to prepare for the inevitable.

Read on to learn about the strategies that you can apply in figuring out the type of coolant inside your existing air conditioner. We will cover essential details about the R-22 phaseout as well.

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Determining If R22 Refrigerant Is Present In Air Conditioners For Pennsylvania Locals

1. Look For The Manufacturing Date Of The Cooling Equipment

air conditionerIf you would like to confirm the presence of R22 in your unit, then check the manufacturing date of your A/C. Doing so is the simplest way to do it. All you have to do is to look for the nameplate, found on the air handler of the condenser. The year 1996 was historic for the HVAC industry. Before this date, all of the cooling systems used R22. After that, companies could choose between R-410A and R22. This dual system continued until 2009. By 2010, there was a full shift to the R-410A refrigerant.

2. Look For The Date Of Installation For The Air Conditioner

Another piece of information that can help is the installation date. If you can’t find the year of manufacture, then this might be a good alternative. The EPA forbids the installation of R22-based units from 2010 onwards. If you had yours installed after that, then you can breathe a sigh of relief because you are likely to have an R-410A system.

3. Study The AC System Specifications As Listed By The Manufacturer

Of course, you can also check the specifications provided by the company to solve the mystery. The nameplate might also have this information printed on it. Just clean it up and read the details. You might also be able to find a sticker that guarantees the absence of R-22.

4. Talk To The Company That Manufactured Your Cooling System

Some cooling systems are so old that nameplates and stickers have come off. Others are no longer readable. If that is the case, then it is best to call the manufacturer directly. They should have complete information regarding your unit. Provide them with the model number so that they can look it up.

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5. Hire An HVAC Contractor To Service The Air Conditioner

HVAC technicianIf you can’t get a response from the manufacturer, then depend on your local HVAC contractors. HVAC technicians are trained to recognize makes and models from various companies.

If you need maintenance for you’re A/C, then ask the technicians to tell you about the refrigerant it contains. They should know whether it is R22 or some other coolant.

Things To Remember About The R22 Phaseout

It would be challenging to eliminate R22 from the market in one swift blow, so the EPA has pushed for a gradual phase-out. Note that only the r22 refrigerant will be banned. Existing systems that use R22 can still be used. They are merely nudging people towards replacing their old systems by eliminating the supply of the harmful refrigerant. The price for a recharge is now sky high so keeping an old unit has become a burden. You would have to pay half of a full system replacement.

Choices For Affected Pennsylvania Homeowners

Given all of the facts, an air conditioner replacement is arguably the most prudent course of action for affected units.R22 is only present on old systems anyway. These are due for replacement soon so why not do it now? Keeping them will just mean dealing with reduced efficiency, repeated breakdowns, and poor performance. It is time to get a modern system that has advanced technology.

Another thing to note is that a recharge will cost a fortune. Replace your R-22 system with a new system and enjoy the benefits of high efficiency. Your energy bills will go down and your repair costs will plummet. Have the unit installed by a reliable HVAC contractor.

Do not be worried about the replacement cost as HVAC companies offer financing for clients with a good credit rating. It does not matter if the price of the air conditioner is high since you don’t have to pay it all in one go. Instead, you can provide monthly payments in affordable amounts.

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