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Interesting Facts About Home Heating Methods Of Years Gone By

vintage home heatingModern conveniences, such as a controlled indoor environment, have helped to make weather a minor concern. Whether it is cold or hot outside, you can set the inside of your home to a specific temperature. In this way, all residents of the house can remain comfortable at any time during the year.

Home Heating Before Central HVAC Systems

Now that heating and cooling a home is very easy, many people forget how fortunate we are to have these conveniences at our disposal. When the HVAC system breaks down, it reminds us of how helpful it is to control the indoor temperature.

Likewise, when our heating oil tank runs out of fuel or when the power goes out, it reminds us as well. If any of these three things occur, we are once again vulnerable to the forces of nature.

Since air conditioners and heaters have not been around for a significant length of time, it is interesting to discover how houses remained warm before the invention of central heating.

Below are some of the methods previously used to heat residential homes.

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Home Designs And Features That Prevent Heat Loss

fireplaceIt is very likely that our ancestors experimented with various methods of heating. After a certain amount of trial and error, they may have come up with home designs that lent themselves well to passive heating. Numerous homes in centuries past were built compactly to confine hot air. They were typically composed of a single room that did not feature much space. Low ceilings were also used frequently to stop warm air from escaping, as hot air always rises.

There were typically not many windows in most homes, and when a house did have windows, they were spaced far apart. They were also usually small, to limit heat loss. In most homes, the windows faced south, the direction from which the sun shone throughout the day. They made walls from straw, mud, bricks, and thick stones. These protected the home from excessive heat throughout the day and offered steady warmth during the night.

Overhangs were a favorite item in regions facing extreme variations in temperature during seasonal changes. Overhangs offered much needed shade during summer, while allowing the house to heat up during the winter. They often used trellises for the same purpose. In many homes in today’s market, you can still see these architectural elements.

Most homes had fireplaces, where individuals could gather to warm themselves. Fireplaces were usually in the home’s living room. Before the invention of television and other modern devices, families often gathered around the fire to do crafts, share stories, sing songs, or otherwise entertain themselves.

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The Use Of Rocks For Heat & Comfort

People also used foot warmers and bed warmers regularly. Bed warmers were simply long handled pans that contained heated rocks. They placed the stones under each bed, especially at night. Foot warmers were a similar item. However, they were typically portable. It was not uncommon to see a tin box filled with heated stones. A person could use them in different rooms or even take on a wagon. Many people placed such tins on the ground for church services and other functions as well.

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RF Ohl logoBecause of innovative heating strategies and house designs, our ancestors were able to get along, even though they lived without the benefits of today’s technological advancements.

To stay comfortable throughout winter and keep your home heated to the proper level, make sure you maintain your heating system yearly. Doing so will ensure that it is functioning efficiently and will also increase the lifespan of your furnace.

If you do find yourself in need of repairs, make sure you contact a trustworthy local HVAC company so that you know the repairs are completed correctly.

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