Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one place to another. While the term “heat” suggests that it is merely for heating purposes, it can actually provide both cooling and heating to your living space. What it does during the winter is extract heat coming from the outside air and then delivers it indoors. During the summer meanwhile, the same equipment will extract the heat coming from the inside and the pump the same outdoors.

Heat pumps actually work in the same way when paired with a thermostat also used by typical forced air heating equipment. But the difference is that as soon as something begins to malfunction, it can be a bit tougher to determine the cost of the repair. That’s because there are several factors that come into play. Let’s go through them one by one.

1 – Temperature

You are using a heat pump at home but you still feel cold. This type of temperature problem usually means that you might want to contemplate on having backup heating equipment. The unfortunate fact about heat pumps is that they aren’t really ideal for areas that experience extremely cold climates. However, they are best used to reduce the stress on a forced air system. Regarded as a green option, a heat pump allows you to reduce energy costs since it can shoulder the heating needs of a living space.

2 – Variety

Just like other things you have at home, a heat pump also come in different kinds. Obviously, a heat pump installation designed to heat one room is the most affordable. A whole house system on the other hand is a bit more expensive. This suggests that a heat pump that’s priced higher will usually be the costlier in terms of repair. But the most expensive would be a geothermal unit, or the one that is buried underground since the repair process usually involves excavation.

3 – Ductwork Issues

You must also know that whenever there’s problem with your ductwork, the cost of fixing your heat pump by a professional HVAC contractor may become more expensive than the usual. This will basically depend on the scope as well as the size of the ductwork damage and will in fact be costlier compared to repairing the unit.

4 – Condenser

Another factor that can affect the emergency repair of a heat pump is problems related to the condenser. Heat pumps in general are built like air conditioning systems with a condenser situated outside the home. If in case there are obstructions, a simple fix might do the trick. So the cost of having to repair a heat pump with respect to its condenser system might well be the most affordable.

5 – Thermostat

If there’s a problem with the thermostat and not really the heat pump, it means that the repair costs will significantly be lower compared to having the unit fixed.