Stuck With Bad Propane Service?

Switch To R.F. Ohl and we’ll buy back your existing propane!

With R.F. Ohl, there are no hidden fees, no gotchas! We do business with you the way you expect it to be! Many propane companies seem attractive at first glance but the fine print is a killer!

Switch Propane Companies to Ohl for savings

Why R.F. Ohl?

  • No hidden delivery fees
  • No tank rental fees
  • No Haz Mat fees
  • No training fees
  • A live person answers the phone 24 hours a day
  • Fast, Reliable, Convenient
  • Today’s Convenience, Yesterday’s Values
  • No locked in contract

How To Get Started

Get Started Today:

Call Us…

Call (610) 377-1098 and experience “Real” customer service from R.F. Ohl Home Comfort Specialists that care. We strive to make your experience the best!

or, Complete This Form…

Click here to complete our EZ Propane Switch request. This is a short form that asks some basic information to get the ball started.

or, Go Old School…

Walk in and talk with a live person! Yes, we still do things the old-fashioned way, person to person. Stop by our Lehighton, PA office to get started.

After You Place Your Order:

First Contact…

We will discuss your current situation. If you call or visit us in person, this conversation will happen immediately. If you fill out a form, we will contact you within one business day.

Home Visit…

After we have a short discussion to identify your current needs and situation, we will schedule an appointment to visit your home so we can set up your new propane tank(s).

We Handle The Old Supplier…

After we install your new propane tank(s), we will call your old supplier and coordinate to have your old tank(s) removed, unless of course you love being placed on hold and would like to do that yourself. 🙂

Our Propane Delivery Service Is Better. We Mean It!

R.F. Ohl consistently gets 5 star reviews, year after year from our customers. Can your current Propane delivery company say that? Our customer satisfaction is consistently above 94%.

R.F. Ohl is #1 where it counts most.

Many other companies talk about customer service. At R.F. Ohl, you will experience “Real” customer service. Friendly and helpful staff, always ready to answer your questions. You will never run out of propane with worry-free auto delivery. We offer you the ability to call for a propane delivery or to have automatic delivery*.

Looking for a flexible payment plan? No worries, at R.F. Ohl we can customize a plan for you!

We also offer many other services like heating system servicing. Check out our One Call Customer Loyalty Program where you can save money by doing business with R.F. Ohl.

Watch this documentary about the history of R.F. Ohl

Case Studies of a Propane Switches To R.F. Ohl

Propane Switch in Effort PA

Janet F. was using another local propane company for her home located in Effort, Pennsylvania. Janet was charged an annual fee of $79 per tank.  This fee was itemized as an “EPA Leak Certification”, the crazy thing is that the there is no such certification with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Janet had 2 propane tanks on her property. One was an above ground tank owned by the other propane company and the second was an in-ground tank owned by Janet. Even though Janet owned the second tank, she was being charged an annual tank fee for BOTH tanks.

During her time with the other propane company, Janet ran out of propane several times. Unfortunately, it took the other company 2 days to show up for her refill.

When Janet decided to make the switch to R.F. Ohl, she has never run out of propane and she has never been charged any rental fees or hidden fees! The other company took over 4 months to remove their tank from her property. We helped her through the process of getting the old tank removed.

Effort PA: Propane Company Change

Ed B. lives in the town of Effort, PA. Ed was paying a higher price per gallon for propane from his prior propane delivery company. When Ed switched over to R.F. Ohl, he instantly saved over $2.00 per gallon!

Ed’s prior company did not charge any extra or hidden fees, however they had horrible customer service over the phone.  When Ed called his prior supplier, threatening to change propane companies, they basically told him to “do what you got to do”.

During the time Ed was with his prior supplier, he ran out of propane on numerous occasions.  In each case, it took days to get propane delivered.  Ed and his wife are an elderly couple with no other source of heat.

When Ed made the switch, it took the other propane gas company over 8 months to pick up their propane tank from Ed’s house.

Propane Tank Removal

In both case studies above, we helped to facilitate the removal of the prior company’s tanks. As a curtesy for new customers, we notify the prior propane company that they need to pick up their propane tank. Many times, companies that loose a propane delivery customer “hassle” the customer when the customer calls to do this. We eliminate this hassle by doing it for you at no extra cost! Unfortunately we cannot actually remove their tank since it is the property of the prior company. However, we will continue to make calls on your behalf to get the tank removed.

Switching To A New Propane Delivery Company

Q: How Hard is it to Change Propane Suppliers?

A: R.F. Ohl makes it very easy to switch with no charge for change out services.

Q: Can I Switch Propane Companies?

A: Whether you have a company’s tank or your own tank, R.F. Ohl will offer you solutions for your propane needs.

Q: Will My Existing Propane Company Give Me A Hard Time With Making The Switch?

A: We would like to think that other propane dealers operate with the same integrity and level of customer service as R.F. Ohl. However, we have heard stories of other companies filling a customer’s tank prior to their switch. They do this in order to complicate the transition. We will change out a customer’s tank at no charge and inform the previous propane company about picking up the customers propane tank. We provide hassle-free propane service.

Q: How Quickly Do You Deliver?

A: Within 2-3 days of placing your order. If you are on one of our automatic deliver plans, you never have to worry about running out of propane. We will always refill your tank prior to you running out.

Q: Do I Pay Tank rental Fees Or Delivery Fees?

A: No! With R.F. Ohl, there are no extra fees, period.

Q: Do You Have A Budget Program?

A: Yes, click here to learn more about our EZ Comfort Plan.

Q: Are You Competitive?

A: Yes, R.F. Ohl’s propane pricing is extremely competitive.

Q: Can I Buy My Tank?

A: Yes, you can buy your own propane tanks. As with most choices in life, there are pros and cons to doing this.  For the positives, you save a few cents per gallon. You can shop around for a propane supplier but if you own your own tank, we do recommend sticking with a “permanent” supplier, due to the fact that if propane supply gets “tight” (put on allocation) as can happen in winters that have high demand, the first people to get “shut off” from delivery are the “customer owned” tanks that are not regular customers.

The disadvantages of owning your own propane tank are that you are responsible for the maintenance of the tank and the liability of the tank. We recommend that you inform your homeowners insurance company about the purchase of the tank to make sure they will cover you. Some insurance companies will not cover a customer owned propane tank. Another issue with owning your own propane tank is that propane companies do not have to deliver to you, since you own the tank. Additionally, you will want to make sure that the tank is an ASME tank and not a DOT tank. DOT tanks will need to be inspected every 5 years by a certified propane tank inspector.

*Terms and Conditions:

  • Switch to an R.F. Ohl propane tank at no charge.  The normal tank switch fee of $110 is waived for tanks 100 gallons or bigger.
  • We will call the prior Propane company on your behalf to have them pick up the old tank(s).
  • You receive a “credit” for the amount of gallons in the tank (up to 200 gallons) on your next delivery.  This way you do not lose any gallons.  Credit must be used by March 31, 2019.
  • You are eligible for a New Customer price of $1.699/gallon on your first fill up.
  • Auto-delivery is available for homes that heat with only propane.