Natural Gas and Electricity

R.F. Ohl is always looking for ways to help our customers with their energy which is why we have partnered with Shipley Energy, a natural gas and electricity supplier to provide you with additional options for your energy.

Like R.F. Ohl, Shipley Energy is a local and trusted family owned energy company since its start more than eight decades ago.

Let us pass on the savings of Shipley Energy to you, our customers!

There are two types of natural gas and electricity pricing options:

Fixed Price – Cost per unit remains the same for your full term, regardless of seasonal increases or other factors. With Shipley Energy, you can fix a low rate and forget it!

Variable Price – Usage cost is determined by current market rates.

Natural Gas and Electricity Deregulation

What does it mean to you?

Do you like having the option to choose? If you answered yes, you already understand the basic law of economics. When companies compete for your business, you win by having the right to choose. Simple enough of an idea, but what does that really mean to you when it comes to energy?

You live in a deregulated market; you have the power to choose the company that supplies energy to your home or business. By the time you flip a switch or press a button to enjoy the benefits of convenient, reliable energy, several different entities have worked together to bring this energy to you.

So how does a deregulated market benefit you? When energy is regulated, all energy costs are controlled by the government. Only your local utility company can sell to you as a consumer. The utility sets the price for the supply of the product as well as the transportation and distribution costs. As the consumer, you don’t have a choice who supplies your natural gas or electricity.

Natural Gas and Electricity Deregulation

Deregulation allows alternate suppliers into the market to offer their energy products to consumers. The price they offer is not set by the government or the utility company. It allows you to choose your supplier like you would for most other service providers.

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By creating a competitive marketplace, deregulation keeps prices lower, improves service, and gives you the option to choose your supplier. This means that you are free to select the superior customer service and highly competitive rates of Shipley Energy. With us, you always get straightforward information, fair pricing, and no gimmicks.

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