Majority of homeowners in the U.S. accept the fact that in order to stay cool during the summer season and warm in the winter season, they need to face the burden of high utility bills. But does it have to be that way all the time? The good news is with the new and revolutionary Mitsubishi split unit systems, you can control your consumption and use of energy for heating and cooling.

Yes, we do admit there’s no way for us to control the fluctuating and irregular utility prices. However, it does not mean we all just have to acquiesce to paying more and more every single year. With the use of Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning units, you can better efficiency compared to traditional HVAC systems.

– Homeowners who opted to switch to this brand have reported an instant and substantial improvement in their utility bills.

– All units provide up to 40% more efficiency compared to traditional window air conditioners.

– They are designed to prevent wasting energy by starting and stopping all day, similar to how traditional heat pumps.

– All systems are built to use precision in energy use in order to maintain comfort but avoid excess energy use.

– There is no wasting of energy by way of cooling and heating rooms which are not occupied.

Mitsubishi split unit systems are ENERGY STAR qualified, which also suggests that most of them are eligible for state and federal tax credits as well as local utility rebates.

As a homeowner who is desperate to save on heating and cooling costs every year, you need to understand that you actually don’t need to heat and cool your room or living space all year long, especially if you only live or occupy one or a couple. In this regard, it doesn’t make sense if you control the whole house with a single thermostat. What Mitsubishi recommends is that you still can obtain maximum comfort on demand while making sure you’re still reducing your use of energy using a concept called “zoned solution.” If there are certain portions in your living space that you consider as virtually impossible to cool, Mitsubishi has the solution. With the smart technology integrated in every air conditioning unit, you get the ability to transform your room and even your entire home into a place with utmost comfort, even those “impossible” areas like the attic, basement, and garage.

Now here’s why you save more energy and energy costs later when you use Mitsubishi split unit systems:

– Provides you the ability to obtain consistent temperatures in your home while still being energy efficient.

– Controls the speed of the compressor based on the actual needs of each room.

– Gets rid of the usual hot and cold starting, which by the way is a cause of strain and added stress in conventional air conditioning systems.

Overall, Mitsubishi split unit air conditioners offer the best possible personalized solutions to ideally meet the cooling needs of the entire family, especially during the summer season.