When it comes to Easton youth sports, one establishment stands out from the rest: Easton Area Community Center. It is a non-profit organization committed to providing safe haven and community for both educational and athletic activities for young people between the ages of 5 and 18 years. Located at 901 Washington Street in Easton, this organization has helped hundreds of children in ways that guide them in the right direction.

Youth sports and education are the two main commitments of the Easton Area Community Center. They’ve been serving the West Ward area of the city of Easton for more than fifty years. Up until now, everyone in the city agrees that the West Ward is still the most diverse, difficult, and challenging neighborhood. It is home to more than eleven thousand residents, a thousand of which are children and the youth. These are the same people who need help the most.

Community Center Vision

For over fifty years, the center has always been about trying to become an organization that successfully and consistently foster the development as well as the well-being of the members of the community. But as previously mentioned, the focus is on the development of the children and youth.

In order to achieve these objectives, the center seeks to provide programs and resources in a rather safe and wholesome environment. But more importantly, every member hopes to become a role model in the enhancement of the youth’s social, physical, and mental well-being.

Community Center Purpose

* Provide kids a safe place to rest and be comfortable with right after school. The center serves as the ideal place to do their homework, gain insights and tips in developing life skills, and participate in wholesome and character building activities.

* Help keep children and the youth off the streets by way of offering them an alternative to joining gangs, fraternities, and all sorts of criminal activities.

* Become positive role models through programs that save youth and kids who are at risk outside.

* Provide comprehensive education and help in building social, mental, and physical development until they become responsible adults.

There are several friendly and nourishing activities that the EACC offer in order to succeed in guiding and building a future for the youth in Easton, PA. The list includes school enrichment programs, athletics, teen mentoring, and the most anticipated of all – summer camp.

Community Center Profile

Since the establishment of the Easton Area Community Center, it has successfully touched the lives of more than forty-five thousand people, both young and old. There are about a hundred to a hundred and fifty kids that use the center every single day. Every year, the number of children that register can go up to 400, and most of them are interested in the after school programs and of course, youth sports. The center is housed in a building owned by the EACC. It comes with four floors with a gymnasium, reading room, multipurpose hall, a full service kitchen, and a computer center. This place certainly has all the things a developing youth needs.