Getting into and around the city of Easton, Pennsylvania shouldn’t be problem. The means of transportation in the city, similar to other areas in the Lehigh Valley region is good enough to give you reason to come back more often. Now let’s have a look at your options in getting in.

By Air – The main point of airline entry to the city and the rest of the Lehigh Valley region is the Lehigh Valley International Airport. It is also the fastest and most convenient since it is only about fifteen minutes from the many parts of the city. Accordingly, there are several airline companies that operate and cater to the travelers from this airport.

Another option is Philadelphia International Airport, a major airport that is roughly seventy miles away from the city. Because this airport is a primary hub for various national airlines, it is quite easy to book non-stop flights when compared to the Lehigh Valley International Airport. Also, the ticket fares usually come cheaper.

pa_route309Road Travel – You can also get in by car. US Highway 22 is the primary thoroughfare. It is a four-lane limited access highway where you have to observe a speed limit of 55 miles per hour all throughout the trip in the Lehigh Valley. If you are coming from points east, you need to know that all the major bridges across the Delaware River are free eastbound but there’s a need for tolls when westbound. There’s another way in the free bridge in Phillipsburg but it isn’t really recommend for first time travelers in the area. This is an alternate road for that additional adventure. However, it’ll be about half a mile longer.

Moreover, PA Route 309 is the fastest road in order to get Easton Pennsylvania, provided you’re coming in from the southeast or northwest. It is also a fairly nice road to travel. Two Interstates, 78 and 476 interact close to Easton going in all directions, while PA Route 33 is the road that makes the most sense if you are traveling from I-80 in the Poconos.

Aside from driving your own car, you can also take a road trip by bus transit. The Trans-Bridge bus line is offering daily service to and from Newark in New Jersey and New York City.

Options When Getting Around the City

The two conventional ways of getting around the city are by bus and cab. There are extensive bus services afforded by the Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority. This is the practical option for you if it is your first time visiting the city. But if you want a more private ride, you also get the luxury of calling in several cab companies operating throughout the Easton and Lehigh Valley region. Your options include the Easton Taxi, Lehigh Valley Taxi, Quick Service Taxi, and others. Other transportation options within the city are the limo service and horse and carriage, supposed you want to have some fun while visiting and exploring Easton’s landmark establishments and nightlife.