Easton, PA: Farmers Market

easton_farmers_marketThe Easton Farmers Market is one of a kind. Aside from being one of the oldest farmers markets in the country, it is actually also the longest continuously running open air market in the entire United States. Now that is something that the entire city should be proud of. Established in 1752, the market was essentially part of the founding of the city of Easton in Pennsylvania. What’s really amazing about this place is that for more than two centuries, farmers, merchants, and traders have gathered in the Great Square to sell and showcase their products and goods.

One of the reasons why this farmers market lasted so long is because of the city’s proximity and strategic position to major cities like New York and Philadelphia. It also lies at the confluence of the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers, which basically meant that it would become a fine and ideal community for commerce and trade.

Up to this day, the Easton Farmers Market remains as the most important legacy and heritage of Easton, PA. Unlike other old farmers markets, what makes this one distinctive is that it has remained in its birthplace for centuries and it never failed in providing exciting shopping to consumers across the Lehigh Valley region and the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Producer-Only Market

Another unique thing about the market is that all the products sold are locally grown and produced. It is one of those reasons why the city is able to preserve the spirit of local production and trade. What’s even better is to know the fact that majority of the produce is organically and naturally grown. For instance, the meat and dairy products are hormone-free and antibiotic, while animals are guaranteed to be exclusively pasture-raised. All farms that take part in the Farmers Market are subject to on-site inspection from the city.


The Easton Farmers Market is continuously providing high quality and fresh local produce as well as food products directly from the regional growers to the consumers. The purpose is to provide ample support to local agriculture as well as the preservation of Northampton County’s agricultural heritage. In the process, EFM is also trying to promote and develop the concept of urban-rural connection, giving access to farmers who need the urban community to be able to purchase their products. Furthermore, the Market also offers artists and crafters the ideal outlet or place for them to be able to showcase and sell their original handmade products. Overall, Easton Farmers Market has been successfully transforming downtown Easton into a lively and vibrant place to gather.

Not Just About the Products

But Easton Farmers Market is not just about the food and products. Part of its centuries of success is the addition of music festivities which are offered for free. The market is brought to life by the musical talents of locally-bred artists and musicians. The market actually features solo artists for the regular market days while festivals and special events showcase local bands and groups.