Transportation going to and around East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania is as convenient as it can be. Fortunately for travelers and tourists, it’s really no problem getting to town and roaming around the different landmarks and attractions.

Air Travel

Stroudsburg-Pocono Airport is the nearest access for air travel. It is located in Smithfield Township in Monroe County, which happens to be near East Stroudsburg, PA. The airport serves both East Stroudsburg and Monroe County. It is owned by Robert Strenz. With an elevation of 480 feet, the airport’s paved runway extends for more than 3,000 feet. Other than access for air transportation, the Stroudsburg-Pocono Airport also offers fun activities such as the Sky’s the Limit Skydiving Center as well as a golf driving range.


The entire Monroe County, including East Stroudsburg, PA is currently served by the Pocono Pony or officially the Monroe County Transit Authority. There are currently five different bus routes. Two of the routes, namely Red and Yellow routes, specifically serve East Stroudsburg. Meanwhile, the Read route was established to connect the central business district with adjacent Pocono Medical Center and Stroudsburg. Likewise, the Yellow route serves the Eastern and Northern parts of the borough, literally connecting those areas of East Stroudsburg to Stroud Mall and the Marshall’s Creek in Pennsylvania.

Railway Options

East Stroudsburg PA was once served by the East Stroudsburg station. However, there’s been no train that has stopped in the station recently. The last one was in 1966. The good news is that there’s a plan for the New Jersey Transit to run through the borough and eventually re-open this station. The only problem is until now, there’s no funding and the project hasn’t been started. The Minimum Operable Segment or MOS has been built and this is only focused on the Eastern end of the Lackawanna Cut-Off, separating the former Lackawanna RR main line to Andover in New Jersey.

Anyhow, rail transportation will always play a significant part in the East Stroudsburg history. In fact, it still has an impact up until today. For instance, the Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Rail Authority is a bi-county project of Monroe and Lackawanna counties, the purpose of which is to oversee the use of common rail freight lines in the northern part of Pennsylvania. This includes one station previously owned by Conrail. It runs from Scranton through the town of East Stroudsburg and then towards New Jersey and New York City.

Finally, there is an ongoing effort to re-establish the rail passenger service which will go through New Jersey Transit between Hoboken and Scranton, and by way of the Lackawanna Cut-Off. This in turn will be a connecting service into Manhattan. The first major work of this project was performed in 2011 and residents of East Stroudsburg and nearby areas are hoping it’ll push through.