All of the East Stroudsburg schools are under the East Stroudsburg Area School District. It is one of the largest rural public school districts in the Lehigh Valley region. It is located in Pike and Monroe Counties. It is actually only one of the five hundred other public school districts in the state of Pennsylvania.


Encompassing exactly 214 square miles, this school district is headquartered at North Courtland Street in East Stroudsburg. Based on territory and coverage, the district is officially the second largest in the county. It is currently divided into two parts, North and South. For the Monroe County coverage, the district manages schools in the East Stroudsburg Borough, Middle Smithfield Township, Smithfield Township, and Price Township. For Pike County, it serves the schools located in Porter Township and Lehman Township.


Based on a 2000 federal census data, the East Stroudsburg Area School District served a population of more than 200,000. In 2010, it is worthy of mentioning that the population of the district alarmingly declined to 50,000.
Meanwhile, the district’s residents had a per capita income of $19,235. Median family income was around $19,000. Based on data provided by district officials, the East Stroudsburg Area School District afforded basic educational services to more than 8,000 pupils for the school year 2007-2008. Employment included 657 teachers, 453 full-time as well as part-time support personnel, and 36 administrators.

As for funding, the district was able to receive more than $27.4 million in state funding for the school year 2007-2008. As for 2009-2010, the district provided educational services to exactly 8,017 students and they have increased their administration to 46 personnel even though there was a decline in enrollment.

The East Stroudsburg Area School District was established in 1891. At that time, there was only one high school and another intermediate school. But because of the quick growth in the area, the district eventually split into two parts. The North and South splits are based on schools and athletics. However, the district leaders are the same people.


Currently, there are six elementary schools that include students from kindergarten up to fifth grade. There are also two intermediate schools for sixth to eight grades, while the two high schools cater ninth to twelfth grades. The following schools are under the district:

  • Bushkill Elementary School
  • Smithfield Elementary School
  • Resica Elementary School
  • Middle Smithfield Elementary School
  • JM Hill Elementary School
  • East Stroudsburg Elementary School
  • Lehman Intermediate School
  • J.T. Lambert Intermediate School
  • East Stroudsburg High School (North and South)

Today, the East Stroudsburg Area School District is currently governed by nine elected board members. Each of them will serve a four-year term. Other governing officials are the Pennsylvania State Board of Education, Pennsylvania Department of Education, and the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Meanwhile, the federal government is the one responsible for controlling some programs that it funds. Finally, there’s a Superintendent and Business Manager who are both appointed by the school board.