One of the main attractions when you go and visit East Stroudsburg is the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It is actually a celebration organized by the Pocono Irish American Club. Founded in 1978, the club was established to focus on the preservation and promotion of the borough’s rich Irish history and culture. So every single year since the Pocono Irish American Club was founded, they have organized the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The parade traditionally covers a distance of almost two miles. It begins in the borough of Stroudsburg and ends in East Stroudsburg. If you’re wondering where the funding comes from, the sources include fund raising efforts courtesy of the club as well as the generosity of parade and band sponsors. Today, the event has significantly evolved into one of the most important and popular parades not just in East Stroudsburg and Monroe County, but also in the entire Lehigh Valley and Pennsylvania.

38th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

As we mentioned earlier, the parade is held annually on the first Sunday after St. Patrick’s Day. For the 38th edition, it was held on March 22, 2015 at 1:30 pm. As usual, it is the highlight for the entire Pocono Mountains in the state of Pennsylvania. It will take place on the streets of both Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania, on a fresh Sunday afternoon. It is anticipated by everyone, young and old, especially because it is a family-oriented and wholesome event. In fact, all residents of the two boroughs expect and look forward to it every year. There are even thousands of visitors expected to see the parade and line up in the streets. The event is also broadcast on the local Channel 13.

Pocono Irish-American Club

The organization responsible for the annual celebration is the Pocono Irish-American Club. As a non-profit organization, it’s actually pretty established, having been in existence for more than 34 years. The club consistently dedicates its existence to providing an always successful event in the Poconos. Because the operational costs of the parade are expected to increase every year, they recognize the fact that the event’s success will require more help as well as dedication of its volunteers in the community. Financial support is likewise needed to make it possible every year.

Levels of Support

If you’re interested in helping the cause of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, you can do that by becoming a sponsor. There are different levels of sponsorship or support, giving you a whole lot of options. An emerald sponsor is worth $1500 and you get the recognition as a Parade Title Sponsor. A pipe band sponsor meanwhile is for $1000 and you will be recognized as a Pipe Band Sponsor. Harp sponsor is $500 and it recognizes you as a Division Sponsor. Finally, the shamrock sponsor, which is worth $250 is recognized as Parade Supporter.

Being a sponsor especially if you’re a resident of Stroudsburg or East Stroudsburg, PA will give you some sense of belonging to the community. Keeping the tradition alive is not just the responsibility of the Irish-American community but also the rest of Monroe County.