The Catasauqua Area School District covers two counties (geographically) in the state of Pennsylvania. For Lehigh County, it includes Hanover Township and the Borough of Catasauqua. In Northampton County meanwhile, it covers the Borough of North Catasauqua. Overall, the district is responsible for the operation of one high school, middle school, and elementary school.

Schools under the District

– Catasauqua High School
– Catasauqua Middle School
– Francis H. Scheckler Elementary School

At the start of year 2000, the Borough of Catasauqua PA built a new high school in Northampton and then used the formal high school site and remodeled it to become the Catasauqua Middle School. Meanwhile, the old middle school called Lincoln Middle School was eventually purchase by Abraham Atiyeh, a prominent developer from Allentown.

So the former Lincoln Middle School is now known as the Lehigh Valley Christian High School. Although it is within the covered area of the Catasauqua Area School District, it actually is not a part of it since it operates independently.


1. High School – Catasauqua High School became the 1997 Boys Baseball PIAA Class 2A State Champions while the Girls Basketball Program got the 1998 PIAA Class 2A State Championship. The school was once a back-to-back Colonial League Football champion and became the District 11 Football 2A Champions in 2013.

2. Middle School – Catasauqua Middle School meanwhile was first place during the 2006 PBS Digital Innovations Contest, 2nd place for the 2007 edition, and 1st place during the 2007 regional Pennsylvania Middle School Computer Fair.

School District Administration

The school district administration vision includes the recognition as the leader in education by way of commitment to affording the best, high quality, and learner-centered programs, all of which are geared towards the use of innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration. The vision is intended to foster student achievement and being able to meet the ever changing needs of an expanding society.

The district in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania currently has 225 staff and this number includes 132 teachers. They provide the instructional as well as support services for the entire District. Everyone recognizes and embraces the fact that an effective curriculum is the one that is constantly being developed, evaluated, and reviewed. By way of the Board policies and support of a curriculum review (including development policy), the revisions made are designed to ideally align instructional practice with the district’s current academic standards. Likewise, the administration seeks to enhance the educational opportunities of the students by way of providing interscholastic and co-curricular activities. Finally, the district facilities are maintained through the practice of preventative maintenance methods and the utmost commitment to provide safe and pleasing buildings, both school and support.