In Catasauqua’s government structure, there are three main divisions in terms of operation. These are elected and appointed officials, appointed boards and commissions, and the different operational departments. The areas or departments that provide services include the administrative offices, public works, police department, sewer plant, water works, and others.

Officials of the Borough of Catasauqua PA

Officially, the borough is operating under the Council/Manager type of government. The Council is made up of seven elected members who serve four overlapping years of term. For this kind of government, the Council is equipped with the responsibility of building policies and direction for the entire Borough.

The Mayor on the other hand is elected for a four year term. He has a bunch of duties and responsibilities, including the overseeing of the operations of the Police Department. The Borough Manager is an appointed position, the main function of which is to make sure that policies are carried out and performed. Another responsibility is to supervise the day-to-day business affairs of the different departments of the Borough, but with the exception of the police. In practical function, the manager will also be serving as the secretary of the Borough of Catasauqua, Pennsylvania.
Another position, the Treasurer, is appointed by the Council. He or she accounts for all the disbursements and receipts from the Borough. Therefore, all expenditures out of the Treasury Department of Catasauqua PA will only be officially made when it they’re authorized by the Treasurer.

There is another position called the Real Estate Tax Collector. But this time, it is an independent and elected official. The duties of the Real Estate Tax Collector include the billings, recording, and collecting of real estate taxes as well as the processing of consumer requests for tax and payment information.

Boards and Commissions (Appointed Positions)

There are several boards and commissions that provide support to the Council and they also have the responsibility of serving the community in different ways. The boards include the Catasauqua Borough Authority, Board of Health, Code Hearing Board, Civil Service Commission, Police Pension Committee, Planning Commission, Taxpayer Appeals Board, Shade Tree Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, and the Vacancy Board.

Finally, the Borough programs and services are operated on the departmental level. Each level will have a supervisor while each of the committees of council will oversee one or a couple of the major departments. By mandate of the Borough Code, the mayor has the responsibility of overseeing the police department.