The city of Bethlehem is famous for many things. Aside from its rich history and tourism as a direct result of it being part of the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, it is also a place you will certainly want to visit when you’re looking for fun and entertainment. This you can achieve through the city’s local events happening all year round. All you’ve got to do is know them.


First of all, Bethlehem easily becomes a busy place during its annual Musikfest. It is a free ten-day music festival that lures in more than a million people every month of August. But while it is the most famous, there are also other honorable mentions, including the Celtic Classic which celebrates and honors Celtic culture and history in the region, and the South Side Film Festival, defined as a non-profit and non-competitive film festival that also happens every year. Finally, the city of Bethlehem, PA is the host of the North East Art Rock Festival, a very popular three-day progressive rock music event.

Recreation and Entertainment

There are also several places to visit if what you’re after is entertainment and recreation. One of them is the Bethlehem Area Public Library. Another one is the Banana Factory, where you can visit studios of area artists. It is open for public viewing every first Friday of each month. On the South Side, you can go to Touchstone Theatre to see original theatre performances.

Arts and Culture

If you plan on taking a short visit to the city of Bethlehem, PA, be sure you get there before or on the first Friday of the month. This is when the businesses of the Southside Shopping District host the First Friday. It is actually a celebration and gathering for the arts and culture where stores, art galleries, and restaurants stay open late and you get to enjoy huge discounts, sales, gallery openings, and lots of refreshments.

But aside from the First Friday, Lehigh University also offers the Zoellner Arts Center, where you get to see musical entertainment as well as dramatic events all throughout the year.

Bethlehem became one of the prominent filming locations of a blockbuster film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The western portion of the former Bethlehem Steel site was chosen to represent Shanghai in a scene where the blast furnaces and surrounding areas were used.

Finally, 2011 marked the opening of the Steel Stacks. This is a local campus covering ten acres of lot that showcase all sorts and forms of entertainment including art, festivals, films, music, and even comprehensive educational programming for an entire year. It is interestingly located at the backdrop of the blast furnaces of the former Bethlehem Steel.

All in all, Bethlehem is a pretty interesting place to visit if you are looking for some distinctive local events providing entertainment and fun. The great thing is that these events are wholesome and healthy for the entire family. So find some time in your busy schedule and try having one of those fun road trips to the Lehigh Valley region and drop by Bethlehem.