Sacred Heart School is located at 115 Washington Street, in Bath, Pennsylvania. Established in 1925, the school has been consistently providing students with high quality and faith-based education. The kind of personal attention given to students is possible through the maintenance of small class sizes available in private caring environment.
The private school is currently offering a comprehensive curriculum from pre-school to 8th grade. There also is a full-day kindergarten class. What’s distinctive about the school is that they welcome and accommodate all children regardless of ethnic and religious backgrounds. They likewise encourage parents to contact the school to set up an appointment of a comprehensive personal tour in order to literally see how your child will benefit from enrolling at the Sacred Heart School.

School Philosophy

The school is headed by Reverend Monsignor Francis A. Nave, the Pastor at Sacred Heart Parish. The school’s educational systems serve the dual purpose of promoting an understanding of and to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God. Management describes its very nature as a community of God’s people that embraces worship and service to each other.

This suggests that Sacred Heart School in Bath Pennsylvania is dedicated to the philosophy of promoting Catholic education, which in turn means that there’s a firm rooting in the life as well as the teachings of Jesus Christ for the Christian development of the child, in the aspects of emotional, moral, intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual.
Intellectual development is highlighted in the primary grades, through the logic of concrete operations. In the intermediate grades, it is done by gradual introduction of the logic of symbolic operations. The students will be taught how to think abstractly and to be able to make smart decisions as a response to abstract and concrete problem solving. All these are done through the development of critical thinking skills.

Interaction and Cooperation

The school is also renowned for the emphasis on interaction and cooperation among teachers and students. With proper and constant interaction, the child will be able to naturally develop socially. He or she will also learn how to understand, respect, and value other people. The administration is pushing for the development of healthy pride in each other’s achievements. Likewise, everyone is trained how to embrace the practice of everyday manners and courtesy. Communication of feelings needs to be done in a positive approach or manner.

Cooperation on the other hand is promoted in order to strengthen mutual understanding, support, and respect between teachers (school) and the parents of the children. Students for their part are always encouraged to develop the value of good health, fitness, and fair play in all competition.

Lastly, the school recognizes the importance of spiritual experiences of the student as part of their basic skills as they grow up. That’s why spiritual education is the school’s main approach in quality education.