Wondering what’s unique about Town and Country Restaurant? Actually, there’s nothing here that you can’t find anywhere else. But what’s keeping this local restaurant located in Bath popular is the fact that the American cuisine served to its customers is no doubt the finest in this part of the country. So if you ask again what seems to be the difference, it actually is the taste.

Home Style Menu

Town and Country Restaurant presents the best tasting home-style meals in the Lehigh Valley. They have this unique style to capture the taste buds of both locals and tourists. The owner is Steve Lambrinos, and he believes that the most famous things in his menu are the Pennsylvanian Dutch and all the bunch of classic American dishes.

Remodeled Interior

The restaurant sits on a newly renovated and remodeled interior that is able to maintain the uniqueness and charm of the old town of Bath PA and the country theme of the entire state of Pennsylvania. As you enter the premises, you will definitely feel the warm and wholesome atmosphere, highlighted by a friendly service and home style cooking. These two are the reasons why the restaurant is a local favorite.

The Test of Time

The restaurant is actually quite old. It has stood the test of time. It has been in operation at South Walnut Street since 1982 and is continuously serving the town of Bath and its neighboring areas. It’s been 30 years and counting.


But there’s really no point in reviewing a restaurant without delving into what it has to offer. So we’ve listed some of the best things you can have in this cozy and friendly place:

1. Chef Special Friday – For the Chef Special Friday, every entrée is served with soup or salad, warm rolls, potato, and a vegetable variety. And don’t forget the pudding or jello option!

2. Seafood Friday Specials – The Seafood Friday Specials meanwhile comes with an offer of 2 for $20 including dessert. The options include crab cakes, fantail shrimp, fish and chips, seafood Milano, and fresh broiled haddock.

3. Weekend Special (Saturday & Sunday) – This is another 2 for $20 plus dessert special from the restaurant. But this time, most of the options are meat, including roast TomTurkey, grilled chicken bruschetta, Virginia Ham Steak, herb haddock, grilled pork over stuffing, and others.

4. Lunch Specials – Finally, the lunch specials offer all sandwiches to be served with a cup of homemade soup or crispy fries. The options for this category include Black & Blue burger, grilled marinated chicken breast, sausage sandwich, lunch chicken quesadilla, veggie burger ranchero, salmon burger, and a lot more.