Bath, Pennsylvania is a great place to visit if you are one of those who is looking for parks and recreation. Here’s a list of your options:

1. Monocacy Creek Park – Recently dedicated (2012), this is actually the newest in Bath’s parks and recreation list. It is a result of the collaboration and partnership of different departments, including the DCNR, PennDOT, and the Borough of Bath. Monocacy Creek Park is described as an aesthetic walkthrough park. It is home to several interesting wildlife including those of avian, aquatic, and horticultural varieties.

2. Keystone Park – Keystone Park is situated at the intersection of S.R. 329 (Race Street) and Green Street. It covers six acres of land and is the home of the famous America’s Friendship Tree. It is bordered by a portion of the Monocacy Creek and the Keystone Rod and Gun Club. The park is popular among Lehigh Valley and Bath residents because it provides a particularly large and open space play area. There’s a baseball field and volleyball court inside it as well as playground equipment for kids. Furthermore, the park is also famous being the home of Bath’s Farmers Market, running through May up to the last week of September every year. Meanwhile, the newly constructed Keystone Park Pavilion is now available for rental during the summer and spring months.

3. Volunteer Firefighter’s Park – This Park in the town of Bath is located at the intersection of S.R. 987 and Creek Road. It covers an area of 12 acres, bordered on the north by a tributary of the Monocacy Creek. It provides recreational amenities to the locals including two tennis courts, play and exercise facility, light basketball courts, tot lot, and a softball field.

4. Ciff Cowling Field – Meanwhile, Ciff Cowling Field is located on Allen Street. It is a 5-acre park made up of one hardball field and another softball field. There is also a large playing area with playground equipment and a basketball court. Families can go for a picnic at the pavilion. However, the main park attraction is the ball field area, which is comprised of two major fields. The hardball field has bleachers and dugouts. It is the home of the American Legion Post 470 Junior and Senior baseball teams. The softball field on the other hand is the one used for adult leagues and the Bath-East Allen Youth Club boys and girls.

5. Carl L. Rehrig Park – The last on this list is the Carl L. Rehrig Park located along Spyglass Hill Road. It is a comparatively smaller park compared to the previous four we discussed, but it has enough amenities to provide sports recreation. It offers softball, lacrosse, and soccer fields for the Bath and East Allen Youth club teams and many other organizations.