Allentown is a popular destination in Pennsylvania, thanks primarily to its park system. The city is known for its wonderful and wide public parks, and it has been this way since the beginning of its history. In fact, a huge part of the entire Allentown park system is attributed to an industrialist named General Harry Clay Trexler. Having been inspired by the City Beautiful movement in the early 1900s, Trexler brought B.A. Hamilton, a renowned city park consultant during those early days. The other individuals who contributed to Allentown’s rise as a major attraction for parks were a man named Haldeman and J. Franklin Meehan. The very first park in the city is Allen Park, which is still providing fun and leisure to the residents up to this day. It officially became city property by 1908. West Park, meanwhile, became the first public park built in the upscale area of Allentown.

It was only after some years later though that the need for recreational centers for kids and young adults was realized. As a result, the City Council held meetings to discuss the propositions and present offers. By the year 1912, the very first public playground was built t Fountain Park. Also, the summer vacation months were used to convert all Allentown School District grounds into neighborhood playgrounds for kids.

But Trexler’s contribution didn’t end there. He also helped in the development of other recreational parks in the city, including the Allentown Municipal Golf Course, Cedar Creek Park, and the Trout Nursery located in Lehigh Parkway.

So if you’re planning a visit to Allentown Pennsylvania, here’s a list of some of the most popular parks and their corresponding addresses:

1 – Allen Park

Located at South 4th and West Union Streets, this is part of Trout Hall and Lehigh County Heritage Museum. This is one of those parks you need to visit when you’re in the city. That’s because you’ll miss the whole point if you don’t see it.

2 – Allentown Municipal Golf Course

This public golf course has 18 holes and a very interesting clubhouse where you can dine and relax. Located at 3200 block West Tilghman Street, it is another public recreational facility you shouldn’t miss out.

3 – Arts Park

This interesting public recreation center is situated at North 4th and West Court Streets. It’s also near the Allentown Art Museum.

4 Earl F. Hunsicker Bicentennial Park

This park at 510 West Linden Street is actually a softball park, serving as the official home of the Philadelphia Force.

5 – Bucky Boyle Park

Located at North Front and West Linden Streets in Allentown, Bucky Boyle Park is comprised of two standard baseball diamonds and a very large play area intended for people of all ages.

6 – Canal Park

In South Albert Street, you’ll see Canal Park, where there’s a large and wooded driving park in between the Lehigh River and Lehigh Canal.

7 – Cedar Creek Park

This park is found along Parkway Boulevard in the West End Portion of Allentown. It is substantially a large park with more than 90 acres of total area. It currently houses several tennis courts, the Cedar Beach public swimming pool, Allentown Rose Garden, children’s play area, and large areas for picnics.