If you need a new air conditioning system, go to your reliable HVAC contractor to get a reliable recommendation based on your specific needs and the kind of living space you have. Since there are various types of air conditioning systems today, you may get a bit overwhelmed if you don’t seek the advice of a professional.

In choosing an air conditioning system, the choice will depend on several factors, including but not limited to the size of the area intended to be cooled, the total heat generated inside the same area, and others. The purpose of tapping the services or at least obtaining the expert advice of a Mitsubishi HVAC professional is to be able to have someone who knows all the parameters and eventually suggest the best system for a specific setting.

1. Window air conditioner – The window air conditioner is the most common type of air conditioner. It is best used for single rooms and small living spaces. The components of this system are enclosed in a single box including the compressor, evaporator and cooling coil, condenser, and the expansion coil or valve. In all instances, the unit will be fitted in a slot made in the wall of the room intended to be cooled.

2. Split air conditioner – The second type, split air conditioner, is different because it is made up of two primary parts, the indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit is fitted outside the room and contains several components like the compressor, expansion valve, and the condenser. The indoor unit on the other hand is made up of the cooling coil and cooling fan as well as the evaporator. The glaring advantage of this air conditioning type is that you don’t need to make any hole or slot in the wall. Also, it does not require that much space compared to that of a window type. It is more powerful, having the capacity to cool a couple of rooms. One particularly good brand of split air conditioning is Mitsubishi.

3. Packaged air conditioner – The third one is actually the newest. A professional HVAC contractor recommends this type if your place has two or more rooms that need to be cooled or if you intend to cool a large office space. Currently, there are two feasible arrangements using a package unit. The first one means that all the components including the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and expansion valve are placed in a single box. The cooled air will be thrown by the high capacity blower and then it flows through the ducts laid through the different rooms. For the second type meanwhile, the compressor and the condenser are placed in one casing. The compressed gas will pass through the individual units made up of the cooling coil and the expansion valve, which are located in the different rooms.

By hiring a reliable Bryant HVAC contractor, you obtain the guarantee of getting the right type of air conditioning system for your home, office, or place of business. That’s why we always recommend you do so to avoid eventual disappointments and additional costs of replacing a system that isn’t ideal for your setting.